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Interested in purchasing New and Used Bowling Equipment, or looking for service or repairs on you current Bowling Equipment. Contact Peterbauer Bowling Supplies.

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  • Pinsetters
  • Wood and Synthetic Lanes


Wood Bowling Lanes need to have upkeep, just as any other fine wood products do. The ideal preservation of  wood bowling lanes is to have patching, sanding and resurfacing done on a regular basis. In the years where sanding is not required, a scrub job is the route to go. The upkeep of the lanes is usually done when the leagues are finished for the summer months. Our crews are very experienced in all the above procedures.

  • Peterbauer Bowling Supplies sends teams all over Western and Eastern Canada.
  • We have a very knowledgeable team that can help with everything, even Complete Installation Packages.
  • Our service team is constantly invovled in installations, resurfacing of lanes and upkeep of bowling machines.